Albright IP Limited is an intellectual property law firm operating in Dorset.

We specialise in securing and exploiting intellectual property rights, to maximise the value of our clients’ R&D and creative investments.


Portfolio Development

Our primary focus is on building effective portfolios of intellectual property rights consisting of patents, trade marks and design rights.

To achieve this we work with management to create an IP strategy and IP policy, and with engineers and designers to convert the organisation’s intellectual capital into legal rights.

Assertion & Defence

Intellectual property rights can be exploited by both our client and by their competitors. In both cases this can be targeted due to a specific infringement or part of a wider strategy to beat the competition.

We advise on the applicability of the various legal regimes for enforcing those rights, or preventing third party rights from causing disruption.


Being exclusory rights, third parties may be licensed under patents, trade marks and designs to carry out what would otherwise be infringing acts. Income from such licences can be lucrative.

Our expertise with both licence-in and licence-out models allows our clients to benefit from both third party IP and increase revenues from their own R&D activities.

Representation in Europe

For those requiring assistance in Europe or the UK as foreign territories, we provide:

  •  Professional representation before the Examining Division and Opposition Divisions of the European Patent Office
  •  Provision of the highest standard of advice on patentability in Europe, in particular surrounding the patentability of computer software
  •  Representation before the UK Intellectual Property Office for patents, trade marks and designs
  •  Representation before the European Union Intellectual Property Office for EU trade marks and designs
  •  Conduct of trade mark oppositions before the UK Trade Marks Registry and the EU IPO
  •  Right of audience in the UK Intellectual Property Enterprise Court for patent, trade mark and design causes
  •  Handling of negotiations in IP disputes in the EU


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Our Bournemouth office is situated at the Aviation Business Park at Bournemouth International Airport, which is easily accessible from the A338.
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